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Customized ROI templates for your specific products and customer groups.

Confidential ROI results can be hidden from salesperson
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Reliable ROI Analysis

The WinterGreen Research ROI Engine is designed to improve sales by delivering transparent, understandable ROI calculations.

With over 30 years of experience in research and analysis of new technologies, WinterGreen Research has developed a unique ROI methodology and adaptable tools that can empower your sales force. Knowledge is power!

Can you close sales using your current ROI calculator?

Is your current ROI calculator good enough for a website front page?

Do you back value claims effectively with your current ROI calculator?

These questions and more are answered by WinterGreen Research ROI.

Data Center Optimization ROI Example:

The WinterGreen ROI Audit is positioned to help you determine if what you have works with customers.

The WinterGreen ROI Engine replaces what you have now and provides a new custom presentation.

Industries Covered:

Internet, Software, Telecom, Healthcare, Energy, Solar Energy, Nanotech, Security, and Hardware.

WinterGreen ROI Solutions allow you to:

  • Provide, independent, credible ROI calculations that aren’t sourced from the vendor
  • Build a strong business case for your products
  • Automate ROI analysis for the customer
  • Dramatically shorten the proof of concept phase
  • Close sales more efficiently
The ROI Process happens online in real-time, with all parties seamlessly connected to the ROI Engine through the WinterGreen ROI Web Service.  


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