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Customized ROI templates for your specific products and customer groups.

Confidential ROI results can be hidden from salesperson
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Custom ROI and TCO Models

Wintergreen senior analysts apply broad industry expertise and a wealth of specialized knowledge to design custom ROI models for your specific products, solutions and customers.

  • Drawing from over 30 years of analysis, forecasting and hundreds of market research studies, Wintergreen Research will design specific models for your needs.
  • ROI and TCO models are organized to be concise and understandable for a salesperson, analyst or customer.
  • Wintergreen Research provides industry standard data and metrics, along with reliable analyst assumptions.
  • Users can create their own scenarios, edit our assumptions and other data using our online Wintergreen Research ROI Engine.
  • With this online tool, you can view Wintergreen's assumptions and customize the numbers to fit your specific product, solution or customer. Use your own data within Wintergreen's analytical framework to get credible, relevant results!
  • The ROI Engine can be used in front of customers during the sales process, keeping the conversation on track and focused on building a clear, quantitative business case.
  • The ROI Engine and product-specific models are also useful outside of the sales process for in-house analysts to evaluate technology investments on an ongoing basis.
  • Wintergreen Research provides custom reports based on your results in the ROI Engine. Reports include insightful analyst comments about TCO and ROI results.
  • Wintergreen Research offers comprehensive training for your sales force or in-house analysts, including thorough explanation of our empirical methods and hands-on training with the ROI Engine.
The ROI Process happens online in real-time, with all parties seamlessly connected to the ROI Engine through the WinterGreen ROI Web Service.  


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